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How to make the best proposal in Santorini ?

The island of Santorini is a paradisiacal destination that does not disembark. Its white houses with blue domes, its view of the Aegean Sea or its beautiful beaches are all reasons to visit it again and again. And there is no shortage of romantic places in Santorini, c’is therefore the perfect place for a marriage proposal in Santorini!

Why propose in Santorini?


During a stay in Santorini, you put the love of your life. The romance has taken hold, you have decided to follow the same path for the next few years. Now you want to offer to your belved, but you don’t know how to go about it.

To mark this unique moment, Return to the Sources of Your Love.

Santorini is the Perfect place to make your request. Take a walk in the village of oia in the afternoon. And the Sun Sets Over the Caldera, Ask Her the Question.

The Idyllic Setting and Atmosphere Will Create Unique Memories that neither you nor your lover will forget.

The Island also Many Quality Establishments. Under the Guise of Offering Her At the moment of Relaxation, Book A Room – Or Better Yet Following – In A Beautiful Hotel. Services for Lovers, King size bed, outdoor jacuzzi, Sea View..

All these elements will confirm her in the idea that you want to help her to release the press. This way, she won’t suspect Anything. And when you get down on one knee, her surprise will be total, which will increase the magic and perfection of this unique moment.

Choosing the right place to propose in Santorini

To realize a romantic wedding proposal in Santorini, you need to find the perfect place. Take advantage of your stay to visit the most important sites of the island. Oia and Fira, the main villages of the latter, offer many exceptional settings.

Restaurants overlooking the Caldera or postcard architecture will give you ideas to find the place where you will ask the big question.

Under the pretext of sightseeing and making beautiful photos in Santorini, locate the various settings that could suit your proposal project. If you like picturesque places between civilization and nature, choose Megalochari. Take advantage of the many cats in the village to get down on one knee and ask for her hand.

You can also pass by Pirgos. This village is lined with small streets, churches and houses that belonged to artists. This is a the ideal place to propose.

Finally, why not choose Finikia ? Far from Oia, this village is very quiet. It is ideal if you need an intimate atmosphere to take the plunge. Once you have chosen the right place, ask for her hand.

And when she has accepted, why not prepare the next step ? Getting married in Santorini is a great idea. You will already have an idea of the perfect places to celebrate your union ! All you have to do is organize everything.

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