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Nightlife in Paris: Fun Things to Do in Paris at Night

Let us tell you a secret: Paris is more beautiful than ever at night, the kind of’place where everything is possible. Paris is full of’architecture and landmarks that really shine when the sun goes down, c’is why we’calls the City of Lights ! So enjoy the city during the day, but save money’energy for Paris after dark and experience Paris as you would not’have never seen before. Where to go in Paris at night ? Here is our list of the best things to do in Paris at night to make the most of the City of Light:

A moonlit walk along the Seine

If you only pass’on a night in Paris, head to the ‘most beautiful avenue in Paris’ and take a moonlit stroll along the banks of the Seine. On your way you will see some of the main sights of Paris, from Notre Dame Paris to Les Invalides, this time beautifully illuminated. It’s hard not to fall in love with Paris after a nighttime stroll like this !

OUR ADVICE: If after a full day of being a tourist you are too tired to walk, you can still enjoy the same panorama with a night cruise in Paris, cocktail in hand. The Bateaux Mouches and Bateaux Parisiens are a popular tourist attraction in Paris, c’is why we recommend that you book online at’advance.

I’one of the most spectacular places to visit in paris at night is the louvre palace and its museum, with its gleaming glass pyramid dominating the cour napoleon. Visiting the Louvre Museum at night is also a good idea as it is less crowded than during the day. Additionally, the works of’Louvre art, especially the sculptures, look stunningly beautiful under the moonlight.

The Louvre Museum is open Wednesday and Friday only, from 9am to 9:45pm.

Some still think Parisian cabarets are old style, but cabarets in Paris are a fun and entertaining part of Parisian nightlife. Cabaret shows usually include crazy can-can girls (our favorite part) but also singing, dancing and juggling. Most cabarets also come with l’dinner option or a glass of champagne so you’re covered for the whole night.

From the Moulin Rouge or lido to the Paradis Latin Cabaret Show, we present to you the best cabarets in Paris in our guide to Parisian cabarets.

Suggested cabaret shows:

Salon Le Lido “Paris Wonders

Paradis Latin Show “Paris à la Folie” + dinner

Cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge “Féerie


An evening at the’Opéra Garnier Paris, with the right program, is a great way to start an evening in Paris. We suggest you to’get well at’advance to admire its architecture and its rich decoration. You are thirsty during the’interlude ? Then head to the Grand Foyer, have a glass of champagne and admire this superb gallery inspired by the Palace of Versailles.

Book your tickets’works well at’advance.

OUR ADVICE: If the’opera or ballet n’is not your thing but you don’t want to miss it’one of the most beautiful curiosities of Paris, we recommend the night tour of the’Paris Opera. Discover the’history of the palais garnier and its most famous guest, the ghost of the’Opéra and enter its reserved balcony, #5 (option not available during the day).

Olympique Lyonnais Tickets

after hours’opening night tour of the’Garnier opera

Enjoy Parisian nights from a rooftop bar

When the weather is nice in Paris and the sun begins to set, there’there is no better way to enjoy the nightlife in Paris than to’overhead, cocktail in hand, gazing across the lights and landmarks that define the city.

Night swim in an art deco pool

You want to end your busy day in Paris with a few laps ? Head towards the 5th arrondissement of Paris, towards the Piscine Pontoise influenced by the’Art Deco. Built in 1934, the unattractive exterior facade hides a listed building with vintage flair, individual cabins, a huge glass ceiling and mosaic frescoes. The pool is open until’At midnight from Monday to Friday and it is difficult to find a more attractive setting for late night swimming.

Address: 19, rue de Pontoise 75005 Paris

Paris and Montmartre Nocturne Promenade on an old car

VS’is l’One of the most unique things to do in Paris at night. Drive in style through the illuminated streets and avenues of the city on a classic vintage Citroën 2cv and enjoy Paris as much as possible after nightfall. Take advantage of’A bottle of champagne while admiring Paris with beautifully lit nights like the’Arc de Triomphe, Le Louvre, La Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame and Sacré Coeur in the Montmartre district.

The visit includes a fun and informative driver/guide, you just need to sit at the’rear, to relax and enjoy Paris at night.

Taste the best of French cuisine in a brasserie or bistro

French cuisine sounds fancy, but in the end, it’s’is a matter of quality – fresh products and the creation of’a harmonious dish that elevates the quality of the’main ingredient. That said, you’you don’t need’go to a Michelin-starred restaurant to taste good local dishes and you can eat most of the best French recipes in a brasserie or bistro.

What to choose, a Brasserie or a Bistro ?

Both places serve typical French cuisine. A bistro is usually a fairly casual neighborhood restaurant with limited offerings and open hours’specific opening times for lunch and dinner, while’a brasserie serves throughout the day until’see you late with a larger menu. Traditionally, a bistro was a low-key place, but nowadays you can also find trendy or upscale bistros.

Wine tasting with a professional sommelier

Discover the wine regions of France through a wine tasting and wine master class. An expert sommelier will guide you through a tasting of exceptional wines, sourced from different corners of the country, and selected to ensure a complete and unique tasting experience. Usually, these visits are accompanied by’a platter of cheeses and charcuterie to complete the’tasting experience.

PRO TIP: If you already know you won’t resist the temptation to’buy French vintages, think about wine packaging to transport your wine bottles safely !

Photography of Parisian nightlife

During the night, Paris is a great experience for professional photographers or simply photography enthusiasts. A guided tour of Paris by night with a professional photographer is always a good idea, especially if you want to improve your photography skills. Apart from their invaluable photo tips, they know the best nightlife spots in Paris and how to make the most of them so you can be sure to end the day with great photos.

If you want to have more fun, n’don’t forget to’bring your own travel tripod, especially if you want to “play around” with long exposures.

Last but not least: Parisian night pass

They’is about’a new Paris Tourist Pass specially designed for those who want to make the most of their Parisian nights. This economical pass includes a Parisian cabaret, a Hop-on, Hop-off night bus ride and a night cruise on the Seine with Bateaux Parisiens. There are 3 types of Paris Night Pass, with different prices and options: Paris Night Pass Silver, Paris Night Pass Gold and Paris Night Pass Platinium. You want to know more about this great Paris Travel Pass ?

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