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How to prepare your trip to South Korea ?

South Korea is a country that currently attracts a large number of foreigners. It is located in the Asian continent and occupies the southern half of Korea. With North Korea, South Korea has a very strongly militarized border.

The number of tourists who stay in South Korea is increasing over time due to the many unique elements that can be discovered in this country. During a trip to South Korea, you can see breathtaking landscapes and visit countryside with more than exceptional valleys, typical fishing villages, subtropical islands, cities that emphasize life in the future or Buddhist temples that represent specific elements in the local culture.

To have an unforgettable stay in South Korea, it is advisable to prepare your trip well before the departure. The following lines give you some practical advice to organize a trip to South Korea in an optimal way.

Important formalities

As for all types of travel in a country other than your own, it is advisable to take note of all the essential formalities to be able to stay there without worrying. It is therefore important to know that in order to travel optimally in South Korea, you must have a passport that has a validity date of at least 6 months after the date of your return. If you already have a passport, it is advisable to check its expiration date.

In case your stay does not exceed 90 days, the visa is not necessary especially in the case of a tourist stay and without any profit.

If your stay will last more than 3 months or for a professional stay, you must apply for a visa. You should know that the visa for South Korea is not required’You can obtain a visa on your passport or entirely online.


When you have put in place all the important documents that you must have during the stay, it is advisable to take into consideration, even before the big departure, of all the accommodations as well as the activities that you must book in advance. It is therefore advisable to think about booking in advance to avoid wasting time once on site. In order to make the best accommodation reservations, you need to know what your itinerary is. In South Korea, you can choose to stay in the big cities or go to rural places. With the number of tourists that is high in this country, it is advisable to book your stay before leaving.

The hotels that are present in South Korea are of different types and therefore fit into all budgets. You can then choose your accommodation according to your needs and especially the type of trip you wish to make.

It is also important to take into account the transportation that can take you anywhere you go during the stay. In this country you have the choice between a rental with or without driver. And this type of rental must also be booked in advance.

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