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The best opera houses in Paris opera in Paris

Why they say Paris is the most beautiful city in the world ? It is not only the most romantic city, but also the city of culture par excellence. There is no shortage of emblematic places rich in history in the French capital. If you have then the opportunity to spend a stay there, put "see a show in a magical place" in the list of activities to do. Celebrating art in all its diversity is indeed a French specialty.

And it is Paris that sublimates art to the highest degree with its more than 150 concert halls. All as beautiful as each other, you can't miss them. However, being too numerous, we propose you in this article those which are really impossible to circumvent.

The most beautiful concert halls in Paris

The beauty of a show does not only lie in what happens on stage. The room itself brings this particular touch that brings out all the beauty of the story. Soft velvet seats, hypnotic red carpets, voluptuous curves, magnificent gilding… every detail counts.

In the past, these Parisian theaters reflected all the cultural wealth of the country. Unfortunately, some of them have completely disappeared from the landscape. Fortunately, there are still a few hundred of them that allow you to relive this splendid enchantment of yesteryear. This article will serve as a guide to help you discover them during your visit.

So, without further ado, discover the top 6 most beautiful theaters in Paris.

Theater du Châtelet

It is not for nothing that the Théâtre du Châtelet is at the top of our list. Among its greatest features, its beauty has allowed it to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, that's not all, because it is still an emblematic place today.

It is also the place where the prestigious ceremony of the "Césars du cinéma" is held. If a show is organized there during your visit to Paris, you should not miss it under any circumstances. Its sparkling glass ceiling, sublimated by a majestic chandelier in its center will certainly amaze you. In addition to the Césars ceremony, it regularly hosts recitals, musicals, classical and jazz operas and concerts.

The Garnier Opera

The second one on the list has nothing to envy to the other theaters in Paris. The Opera Garnier is indeed one of the most visited monuments in the capital. Even if it's not to attend a particular show, the detour is well worth it.

Created in 1875, under Napoleon III, this place has kept intact all its splendor. It is, in fact, an Italian-style opera house of great beauty. The rare marble and stucco that cover the walls are true works of art in themselves.

These are all the more highlighted thanks to the magnificent ceiling which surmounts them. Indeed, the latter was itself painted by none other than Marc Chagall, one of the most illustrious painters of the 19th century. And let's not forget the velvet and gilt in every corner.

Palais Garnier - Ballet de l

The Trianon

As already mentioned above, time has taken its toll on some of the venues in Paris. The Trianon, in spite of its small setbacks, has always been able to land on its feet. Rebuilt in 1900 after a fire and renovated in 2009, it is a mythical place that has seen almost everything. Since its creation in 1894 to this day, various types of shows have taken place there.

Compared to others, this one has the beauty of the great opera houses while offering a variety of performances. The most spectacular thing is the height under the ceiling which seems infinite thanks to the structure. Its stage is wonderfully decorated, which fits very well with its sumptuous theater.

Various events are organized there, from concerts of all musical genres, to circus performances, to one-man shows.

The Bastille Opera House

Not all opera houses are created equal and some have more to offer than others. Among the most famous in the world, the Bastille Opera forms with that of Garnier, "the National Opera of Paris". Like the other halls, this one has a particularly modern architecture. Its construction took exactly 7 long years, but the result in itself is worth the detour.

Moreover, in terms of capacity, its opera house is one of the largest in the world. Indeed, the latter can accommodate up to 2745 seats. Today, this place is considered one of the best places to visit if you want to experience the Opera like never before.

If you go there out of curiosity, you don't have to attend the shows, because the place also contains a library open to the public.

Opéra Bastille - Ballet de l

Les Folies Bergère

Internationally renowned, the Folies Bergères has been one of the most prestigious music halls for over a century and a half. For those who know the history, this place, where the very enticing "cancan" dancers performed, is a must-see. Since then, the biggest stand-up stars have contributed to the success of the place. Nowadays, it hosts shows of French songs and comedies as well as musicals. However, it is not only the shows that make the Folies Bergères exceptional.

Indeed, the setting alone is already special. Even the façade is original, with the fresco that adorns it, signed Maurice Picaud (Pico). Once inside, its wooden stage, its red velvet and gilding will make you see all the colors.

Folies Bergère - Moulin Rouge


Last but not least, nicknamed "le Français" is one of the oldest venues on this list. The Comédie-Française was founded in 1680 in a very spectacular, somewhat Italian style. At the time, the gigantic room was decorated with majestic crystal chandeliers and burgundy velvet carpets. Today, the place is divided into 3 different rooms, including the famous Richelieu room. Something to satisfy all preferences.

For lovers of unusual anecdotes, the chair in which Molière died is still on display today. The diversity of the Arts could not find a more welcoming room. Even the motto of the place "Simul et singulis", meaning "to be together and remain oneself", says a lot about this place.

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