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Preparation for a hike

A good preparation for a hike goes through the famous theme of the choice of clothes to wear. Indeed, the’ clothing The hiking trail is dependent on both random and predictable conditions in which the route will be taken.

For s’To make sure you enjoy your hike, the clothing port adapted s’essential on the day. Although sometimes overlooked, the’ hiking clothing is called to meet certain specificities, in the’objective of’a total protection of the hiker.

What pair of shoes to wear on the day of hiking ?

Before choosing your hiking shoe , it is important to wear a good pair of shorts’to ensure that’a reflection has been made beforehand, on the situations in which it will be used. The exercises to be carried out during the hike are the first situation to be evaluated. In fact, a distinction must be made between’a part, between short walks or short treks on normal terrain, and long walks on difficult trails, with or without load in the back. For the said shoes, it is proposed to you to choose the brand meindl . D’On the other hand, the weather will play an important role in the choice of clothing hiking shoes . As an illustration, while’a shoe of’winter mountaineering would be more adapted to a hiking a summer shoe would have been more suitable for a hiking trail in warm weather.

Finally, regardless of the weather conditions, the need for’ankle stability can be achieved with standard sports socks elevated boots with ankle support.

Put on a good pair of hiking socks

This n’It’s no coincidence that the standard sports socks have always been adopted by the wise hikers. The stability provided by these socks is quite convincing. However, if the pair of merino socks has often been recommended by specialists in the field of hiking, it is a good idea to have a’is because’it is even better. There are several reasons: odors are not retained in the clothing’inside, the’The moisture is easily evacuated and the body is warmed up’appearance of painful blisters avoided.

Whatever the brand, it is advisable for more efficiency, to wear the hiking day a thin pair of cotton socks and a longer pair of wool socks.

hiking shoes

What layering of clothing for the rest of the body ?

Several types of traditional sportswear can be worn as part of a winter expedition’a hiking . It is the worrying weather conditions of some places like the mountains, which often. Thus, depending on the weather’It is recommended to wear a top when the weather is hot and temperatures are high:

  • a base layer or t-shirt that wicks away moisture’moisture ;
  • a long sleeve shirt which will be used as the first warm clothing ;
  • a light and solid jacket – the down jacket This is a good way to keep the body warm, even in humid conditions’moisture;

When the weather forecast calls for more precipitation, the’addition of’a rain jacket s’The wetsuit, however, is much more recommended as an excellent precaution.

What clothing to wear down ? A pants , shorts or a combination of the two can complete the hiking clothes . The wetsuit, however, is much more recommended as a precautionary measure’adapt to the changing temperatures throughout the day.

What about the accessories to put on ?

Some accessories like the gloves , the choker/scarf and the cap /the cap will be recommended to protect the other sensitive parts of the body against the meteorological inaccuracies and other bad weather of the hiking trail.

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