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Villa rental in Antibes: our 2023 selection

On vacation every moment should be magical. C’This is the reason why the choice of the water is so important’a destination and’The choice of a house should not be made in a haphazard way. A perfect place for an unforgettable stay is the city of Antibes’Antibes. Very popular, this is the place to be’It is no surprise that’A multitude of luxurious residences are built there for vacationers in search of prestigious accommodations. Deciding on a villa rental in Antibes can therefore not be easy.

To help you, you will find in the following article our selection of the most beautiful houses in which you will be able to put your luggage.

Villa rental in Antibes, high end French vacations

C’It is a mistake to think that’it is absolutely necessary to jump on a plane to get to Antibes’to offer a luxury vacation. France has’a plethora of places in’a place where you can enjoy a high quality stay. C’is the ideal case of’Antibes, a city and seaside resort located on the French Riviera, is a place where a multitude of luxurious residences are built for vacationers’Azur between Cannes and Nice.

C’is the’ideal place for a charming vacation, with the possibility of renting a villa in Antibes via Internet platforms such as Home Booker whose services increase the appeal of this corner of paradise on earth.

Indeed, when the’You choose a town like Antibes for a vacation that is sure to please’is the’Indeed, when the opportunity to enjoy the sea, various cultural activities and the breathtaking landscape of the place. L’The ideal place to do this is the’Opt for a villa rental in Antibes that includes a set of services provided by professionals handpicked for their experience and quality of service. Many homes manage to combine comfort and excellence to perfection, some of them however distinguishing themselves by their exceptional charm.

Rent a villa in the city of’Antibes, the most beautiful residences

Just like it’is the case for most of the cities of the Côte d’Azur (that’It is possible to discover on the site Around the Blog), Antibes is a charming destination for a vacation combining carefree and conviviality. Attracting generally posh vacationers in search of a place to stay’elegance and refinement, it's the perfect place to stay’It is without surprise that the’The offer of villa rentals in Antibes has exploded. But not all properties are on the same footing’equality.

Villa Ondine

Located about fifty meters from the beach of’Olivette, the villa Ondine is a magnificent house built on a little more than 200 m2. Surrounded by’The villa has a magnificent garden whose scents are an invitation to relax, it has three sufficiently spacious bedrooms, a bathroom and a shower room’You will appreciate the comfort of an independant studio and the quality of its services’a swimming pool in which it is particularly pleasant to dive in summer.

Built in a private domain, this villa rental in Antibes will allow you to spend your vacations in a quiet and relaxing house. C’It is the perfect place to enjoy the sweetness of life that characterizes the Provencal region. Completely secure, it is the perfect place to relax’You can stay in this luxury villa with your family or friends in complete peace of mind.

Provencal style villa

It is possible to’to have a villa rental in Antibes of the Provençal type near the beach to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea’A place where you can enjoy the water, but also close to the city to participate in all the activities that are organized there. We talk about it in more details on this site. Spacious and with a lot of space’a magnificent garden more embellished by a swimming pool, it is also a spacious garden’is the perfect setting for city dwellers in the heart of the city’soul.

You will certainly spend some nice moments with your loved ones there.

Villa Chelsea

For lack of’having a villa rental in Antibes, you can put your suitcases in Cannes. The two cities are located in close proximity’one of the’The other is the possibility to enjoy the charm of the house’Antibes remains. A pure marvel built in front of the sea, the Chelsea villa is a contemporary construction of 500 m² with five bedrooms with individual bathrooms and a bathroom’a splendid fully equipped American kitchen.

The Chelsea villa in’It's also a spacious garden with a swimming pool’a terrace where you can relax while enjoying the view’pleasant freshness of the sea’air. If you wish, you can relax in the heated swimming pool or in the sauna, or even do a little shopping’exercise in the fully equipped gym. Prestigious property, everything is there to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding.

This is our selection of the most beautiful vacation villas in the city of’Antibes. This list is not exhaustive’is not exhaustive. The possibilities in terms of villa rental in Antibes are multiple and varied depending on whether you want to be lodged near the beach, in the city center or in a peaceful neighborhood.

It is recommended to work with a team of professionals in order to have a home that will not only meet your needs, but also your budget.

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