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The 10 most beautiful places and landscapes of the Mediterranean

Sun at will, fine sandy beaches, a warm transparent sea and trees for shade. Here are the perfect elements to combine to make your stay in the Mediterranean unforgettable. There is no shortage of activities to suit all tastes.

With family, friends, couples or even solo, you are sure not to be bored.

The most beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean

For your next summer vacations, the Midi is certainly the region of choice. Indeed, the cities located there offer a breathtaking landscape. Beaches, creeks, mountains, forests, … nature is omnipresent.


Port city not far from the Spanish border, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is one of the best destinations in the Basque Country. Its particular charm and its lively atmosphere bring many tourists every year. To start your stay, we recommend the Pointe Sainte-Barbe, located at the end of the bay.

Its location allows you to have a panoramic view of all the interesting places of the city and the wonderful landscape. You can also enjoy a picnic here. At the opposite extreme, you have the fort of Socoa which shelters the vestiges of the French-Spanish war. For those who love culinary travel, don’t hesitate to spoil your taste buds with local specialties such as:

  • Macaroons ;
  • Les mouchous ;
  • The kanougas.


For the summer, we can’t help but think of Saint-Tropez and its beautiful Midi sun. This city in the south of France is very appreciated for the impregnation of the Provencal culture in its architecture. Terracotta tiles and ochre walls are the main elements.

Nevertheless, Saint-Tropez is also popular for its picturesque landscape.

To begin with, discover the white sand beach of Pampelonne. Moreover, its beauty was made famous by the actress Brigitte Bardot and her role in “And God… created woman”. In the same perspective, you have the Cap Camarat which serves as a base for a lighthouse. It is one of the highest in France (130 meters).

Moreover, the site is a good environment for certain species of lizards, snakes, turtles and other marine birds.

The port of Cassis

A few kilometers from Marseille, the city of Cassis offers a visual spectacle without equal. In particular, you have the calanque of Port-Miou characterized by a somewhat uneven relief sliding into the sea. You can access it by car, which is not the case for the other creeks in the region.

Nevertheless, it is the perfect excuse for a little boat trip.

Cassis - Marseille

The praises brought to the coast of Cassis are deserved. If you want to stroll, you will be served with a multitude of beaches. For the amateurs of photography, the cap Canaille is undoubtedly the best place of the port.

Perched on top of the cliff, you will have a panoramic view of La Ciotat.

Porto Vecchio

Resting on a big rock in the middle of Corsica, Porto-Vecchio has an exceptional landscape. Mixing the mountains and the beaches by a vast forest of pines, you will be dazzled. Concerning the beaches, it is possible to go through them in one go during a hike.

How to get to Porto Vecchio?

Santa Giulia, Cala Rossa, Tamaricciu, so many areas to explore. In addition, you have the Chiappa point with its famous lighthouse and other tourist sites to discover. If you are more interested in mountainous landscapes, go to the village of Ospedale.

This one shelters in particular a sumptuous lake.

Paulilles beach

Located in Port-Vendres, the beach of Paulilles was once a dynamite factory. Some of the buildings are currently open to the public for visits, which was not the case in the 1980s. However, the focal point of this tourist site remains the cove.

The cliff is more than 300 meters long and is the most dominant in the Paulilles cove. The latter is embellished with a layer of greenery and bordered by beautiful beaches, those of Bernardi and del Forat. Visits are convenient thanks to the free parking available and the paths leading to it.

Notre-Dame beach, Porquerolles island

The island of Porquerolles is a wonder of nature. It is one of the best destinations for its beauty. It has many beautiful beaches, including the one at Notre-Dame.

With its clear turquoise water, it’s hard not to want to swim there.

On the eve of the summer season, you no longer have to worry about the water temperature. The beach of Notre-Dame is very large and remains clear most of the time. The high season arrives around August.

The ideal is to go there between June and July.

Beach of Saint Clair

It is not insignificant that the beach of Saint Clair is called “the Pearl” when you see the fine sand that covers it. For scuba diving enthusiasts, the water is crystal clear. All you have to do is bring your mask and snorkel.

For those who have just started this activity, it is possible to take diving lessons. You will have a better chance to appreciate the fauna and flora that are hidden there. In addition, you can watch the sunrise and moonrise on days when the moon is full.

The wonder is assured.


A typical Provencal town, Bormes-les-Mimosas is one of the best destinations in the south of France for young people. It is full of exciting activities even if its real asset remains its landscape. You have 22 kilometers of coastline adorned with beautiful beaches with creeks as far as the eye can see.

Moreover, the authorities take great care of the cleanliness of the place. In addition, you can also go up to the Massif des Maures and enjoy the view. Numerous itineraries allow you to access it.

It will be an opportunity to go hiking.

The beach of Palombaggia, Corsica

You have fallen in love with the Corsican panorama ? Extend your stay and let yourself be tempted by the fabulous beach of Palombaggia. Resting on the side of the mountain, it opens onto a pine forest full of life. In fact, a whole flock of birds has taken up residence there.

There is no lack of fish and you can easily see them thanks to the transparency of the water.

The beach of Palombaggia allows you to stroll pleasantly, despite the rocks that have replaced the fine sand. You just have to make the most of the water by walking around with your feet in it.

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