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What to see in Amman, Jordan ?

Amman is a flourishing tourist destination and a star in all of Jordan. This destination which is a typical illustration of’A Middle Eastern metropolis that offers a warm welcome and takes you on a tour of its historical beauties. You will find a vast urban and modern area, surrounded by ruins, and a large number of shops’The ruins of Jerash are full of stairs, balconies, windows and other features’artefacts, a’a citadel and a fortress’a historic theater.

Amman, a city of contradictions and paradoxes, is a jewel of Jordan that you must discover.

The archaeological city of Jerash

This magnificent metropolis is the’one of the best preserved in the Middle East. It is comparable to the ancient Greek and Roman cities. Jerash is the first tourist destination of Gerasa, as well as of the’the whole of the northern Hashemite kingdom. If you plan to visit Amman in Jordan, don’t forget to stop by. The city is full of magnificent structures that bear witness to the power of earlier civilizations, including a triumphal arch, a theater, temples, a library, etc.

The city of Jerash Amman is said to have been founded by Alexander the Great when he passed through, but its development did not take place until the end of the 19th century’began only much later. After the fall of the’Byzantine Empire and the’After the arrival of the Persians, the city was gradually abandoned after having been in its heyday for several centuries.


The citadel of’Amman

The best archaeological site to see in Amman is the citadel of Jabal al-Qal’a. It is the emblem of the Jordanian capital. It reminds us of the city’s rich past. As there are few structures left, it is easy to move around in its ruins.

There will be only the temple of’Hercules, built by Marcus Aurelius and the Umayyad Palace.

The ruins are a must if you want to see Amman at its best. Indeed, they allow to preserve a flourishing past.

The Rainbow street of’Amman

Amman is divided into seven hilly neighborhoods. Rainbow Street is located in the central district of the city, in the Jabal Amman neighborhood. This historic part of the city is accessible and well located in the center of the city. The Rainbow Street is the main artery for shopping, dining and entertainment’fun and food.

You can choose from a wide variety of restaurants, pubs and cafes. In addition, the many small stores will be a pleasure for those who love to shop. You’ll enjoy your walk and have fun if you pass by this street.

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