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Secure parking at the’Nantes Atlantique airport to park your car

Choose a private parking at Nantes Atlantique airport

You have a travel project from Nantes Atlantique airport in the near future ? If you go there with your personal vehicle, you certainly wonder how to park it. When you have to be on time for your flight, looking for a parking space can be time consuming and stressful. It is therefore better to have everything planned before the D-day. There are many travelers looking to park their cars, so this can give rise to some concerns. The number of spaces in airport parking lots is limited. Moreover, the latter often charge high rates and the bill can quickly climb if you intend to leave your car there for several days.

The solution may be to turn to a private parking at the airport of Nantes Atlantique. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before choosing a parking space’make your choice.

Be sure to choose a secure location

One can be tempted by the option of a municipal parking lot or another free place on the public road near the Nantes Atlantique airport. However, such behavior seems perilous. Indeed, one must keep in mind that when one leaves one’s vehicle unattended for a long period of time, one exposes oneself to the risk of theft or damage.

In addition, the city of Nantes considers any parking beyond 24 hours on the same spot as abusive, and penalties may therefore be applied. This solution is therefore not recommended. For a low and economical rate, some individuals offer to rent a place in their private areas. But you cannot always be sure of the reliability of a service that is not provided by a professional.

In order to avoid disappointment, a private parking lot at Nantes Atlantique airport with a 24/7 video surveillance represents an interesting option.

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What are the criteria for selecting a private parking lot at Nantes Atlantique airport? ?

First of all, the distance between the chosen parking lot and the terminal must be taken into account, so that if necessary a means of travel. In this respect, the ideal would be to find the perfect parking lot by its proximity. Indeed, when you travel with young children, or when you have your arms full of bulky luggage, it is more comfortable to have a direct access to the boarding hall on foot. A parking without shuttle also allows to limit the travel time and the opportunities of delay.

Depending on your situation, you may want to check the availability of a charging station for your electric vehicle.

These few criteria can guide you in making an informed choice of a private parking lot at Nantes Atlantique airport. For more convenience, the team of Aéropark Nantes, located at 3 minutes walking distance, will park your car after you have dropped it off. A quick booking You can contact them on their website or by phone. Please note that for business trips, the creation of a professional account for companies is possible. You can then take your plane with peace of mind !

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