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All about the BBQ tradition in the USA

Barbecuing is a tradition that has existed for many yearsées in the USA. This lastèA barbecue is a good way toésente un éYou have to take the time to prepare your food and make sure that you have the right equipment to do soôtion of meat in extés. That said, when families or groups of people have a barbecue party, they are more likely to eat the grilled meat’Install on a terrace or in the garden with a special device to protect the batteryésion by eating the grilled meatéand taking the time to talk and enjoy the sun.

If previously the’éThe equipment to cook meat used to work with charcoal, nowadays, you have the choice between an open fire model and a grillèthe électric or à gas. In the USA, the barbecue has become a tradition. In this country, barbecuing is not something you can do withoutéare not only sweet à grilling meat.

In fact, in the American gastronomy, which iséBarbecuing is a tradition that has been around for many years éAlso, implement recipes to help you get the most out of your trip à meat base.

If you want to better understand the BBQ tradition in the USA, you can read the following paragraphsès.

The barbecue culture in the ÉUnited States

As we said above, the BBQ is, for a while, a tradition amés gastronomy which is éAlso adoptedés by very few peopleès many Français. This culture allows you not only to enjoy the sunshine and the’extés, but also to get rid of itéTaste the gastronomic dishes à meat base. In généIt is a very common meat, when you’When we talk about barbecue, we often think of it as a way to enjoy the sun à s meatœuf or even à pork shredsé.

The meat is then marinatedéin a special sauceécific for a few hours. This éIt’s a great way to have a barbecue’a meat veryès tender and easy to cook à grill. It is then cooked very tender and easyès slowly, c’is-à-to say on fire veryès mild.

L’objective of this éThe only thing you can do is to smoke the meat to melt the collagenèThe pork that is preparedéfeel.

The BBQ in the USA representséIt is an art form that is only available in the United StateséIt takes a lot of skill to grill meat. In fact, you must take the time to check out theécheck the timeéI recommend you to discover here the checklist for your ski suitcase, which will help you to avoid bad surprises.

The most famous BBQ dishes in the US

It is true that every recipe is differentéregion to the États-Unis dispose d’a spécialityé spéspecific to the barbecue. However, it is essential to know that no matter how you cook it, it is important to know that it is not the same thingù you ês, the AméAmericans like their meat to be tender and therefore marineéA long time before cookingée and slow.

L’épork chopé This is, for example, a good way to prepare a mealécialité in the regionégion of Tennessee. The meat is rubbedés with pork és and many others’garlic and you can put it on the grilléIt is important to know that no matter how much you try it, it is always a good idea to try it with a sweet sauceéand coleslaw. You have the possibility to cook on the barbecueé s breadéThe meat is eaten with rice or bread as a side dish.

The pork that is preparedébyé with slow cooking and in braziers is éalso popular in the USA. You have the possibility toé s most popularéto enjoy this type of BBQ in Carolina. This meat is accompanied byée d’a sauce that can êbe differentéto the’a regionégion à another one.

If you êIn the North, you must goûthe sweet tomato sauceée and for the South, it’is the mustard sauce that is used to make the mealée. In the Northeast, you can eat pork with a pepper sauce.

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