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Test of the Swedish VASA Bla bluetooth earphones

With the removal of the jack on the new iPhone 7, Bluetooth headphones are taking a big step forward. No more cables running around, getting tangled up, getting cut, getting broken… detractors and fans of the Apple brand alike cannot deny the fact that we are gradually leaving the wired era. Smartphones and tablets are now charged by induction, as well as some models of Bluetooth headsets.

The Sudio brand offered us the test of the VASA Blå with an excellent timing. Young arrival in the very competitive world of audio, the Swedes of Sudio are positioned as a creator of beautiful objects of everyday life, while wishing to propose an exceptional quality of listening. Flagship product of the range of headphones of the brand, the VASA Blå has the advantage of being bluetooth, which is a characteristic more and more wanted for the reasons evoked previously. So, what are these earphones worth, sold for 90€? ?

An elegant design

First step: unpacking ! And first observation without appeal: you can not do more sober. The brand plays on contrasts, with a dominant white color. The presentation of the product is strangely reminiscent of what Appel also offers in its domain.

Perhaps this also gives us an indication of the marketing target of Sudio ? It is in any case successful, gives an impression of rigor (consistent with the image that the Scandinavian countries return) and is very elegant. The test model is the Sudio VASA Blå Gold Rose Black.

In the box, several accessories accompany the headphones: 4 other pairs of ear tips of different sizes, a metal clip, the USB charging cable and a nice leather protective pouch to store the headphones.




The flat cable is immediately noticeable, which prevents tangling. Then, what strikes in second place is obviously the weight – or the absence of weight, precisely – of these earphones. Indeed, with only 14 grams – battery included – it is a very interesting product which is presented to us ! Especially since the battery is really small with a promise of 8 hours of autonomy.

A sound as good as the price

We preferred to wait a few weeks to write this test of the VASA Blå, already to form a real conviction of the quality of sound, but also to measure the endurance and the practice of these earphones. Because what we are looking for above all is a good balance between audio quality and listening comfort, while measuring against the promises of the brand !


As far as comfort is concerned, nothing to complain about, it’s excellent. The headphones stay in place perfectly well, even with movement (walking, moving the head in a meeting…). No need to push them in completely for a long lasting fit.

They don’t hurt like some headphones that we tend to remove after a couple of hours, with a painful sensation in the auricle. The VASA Bla disappears completely, and its lightness makes you forget it was ever there, even after you've finished listening to an album. However, the module of an earphone being not very deeply inserted, it comes out of the ear quite a bit.

Even if it is not noise reduction, simply increasing the volume will erase the noise in the vicinity. You won’t hear your colleagues in a conference call (except the angry ones), nor the tourists in the subway (except the Spanish ones), or simply the rubbing of the cable (erased by the sound). Because this is one of the small defects of the headset: the cables tend to rub rather strongly on the neck generating an unpleasant parasitic noise (but it is the case of all the headphones you will say…).


Fortunately, the sound quality is really very good. Even at high volume, the comfort is present thanks to a very neutral and respectful restitution of the low frequencies as well as the highs and mids. The bass is nevertheless very present, which is quite surprising at first listening, giving the impression of an over-representation.

Then, when listening for a long time, one quickly realizes that the sound is very balanced with a beautiful clarity, leaving room for all the instruments to express themselves.

Review ? Sudio did not put us to sleep with false promises and the quality is there !

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