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How to go to Italy by car ?

Going on vacation in Italy is a choice that hundreds of thousands of French people make every year. Italy is a country full of architectural wonders and beautiful natural places. Moreover, the Italian gastronomy and art are known all over the world.

It is one of the destinations to make absolutely to take full of it the sight and the papillae.

Italy is accessible by sea and by plane, but it is also possible to discover this beautiful country with your car. You can organize a real “road trip”, stopping on your way to discover the different places in the west of the country. All you need for a successful vacation in Italy with your car is good organization, a functional car and patience.

How to get to Italy by car from France ?

For go to Italy from France, you must first make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy. You are going to devour the kilometers during the next days, it is thus necessary to make a complete checking of the vehicle before your departure. This could also be the right time to invest in your new car.

On the Bymycar website, you can find a multitude of models adapted for long roads.

Once you are sure you have a reliable vehicle, it is time to map out your route. To get to Italy from the road, you’ll first need to get to the city of Lyon, in eastern France. Once there, take the A43 to the city of Chambéry.

It is the last important meeting point before Italy.

Direction to the border, always by the A43. Once you’ve passed the latter, you’re only a few minutes away from the first big Italian city you’ll pass during your trip: Turin. You will then drive along the coast to discover Genoa, Florence, La Spezia… Once the coast is over, you will be able to visit the south of Italy, and why not go to Sicily, for the most adventurous among you.

It is also quite possible to Go to Italy through the south of the country. Take the A8 from the French city of Nice to the border. Once you have passed this last one, you only have to drive two hours to discover the city of Genoa. Finally, to get to the north of Italy, you can go to the Alps, in the resort of Chamonix.

Then take the N205 to the border. Once in Italy, take the E25 for a few hours and you will discover the Italian capital, Milan.

How to prepare your trip by car in Italy ?

To make sure that your trip goes smoothly, you need to take a few steps and equip yourself properly to leave. First of all, remember to bring with you all the vehicle’s papers and any other document related to driving. (license, insurance) If you forget, you may have complications once you get there.

Then, plan your itinerary well in advance to identify the travel times and the stages. If you are not prepared and the stages are not well defined, you risk driving for long hours, losing concentration and putting yourself in danger. Book as many hotels and rooms as possible once you have established your itinerary.

You can take some liberties, but you must keep your trip as close as possible to avoid exhausting yourself and creating stress in the group.

Also, make sure that you have the necessary funds to leave. The expenses of’The fuel costs must be calculated before departure, to have an idea of the real budget of your trip. You can go on the internet where estimates of consumption are proposed by search engines.

Use this index to calculate the real price of your trip.

You should also plan to have enough room in your car. Leaving for 5 in a small sedan may create tensions and frustrations. Take a vehicle adapted to the number of people present for your excursion.

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