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What to do in Paris in July ?

In the city of Paris, as everywhere in France, the month of july rhymes with summer. A summer period which brings a series of festivities and leisure. During this time of the year, the days are long and the nights are mild.

To embellish your days, here are some examples of activities you can do.

Things to do in Paris in July

Visiting Paris for the first time can be a bit confusing. It can be quite difficult to plan a day of leisure. Here are some ideas to help you.

Have fun at the Japan Expo

This Japanese exhibition is a fair that brings together enthusiasts and lovers of Japanese culture. This year, the city of Paris was the main actor of the 20th edition of the event. It took place at the Villepinte exhibition center in the north of Paris.

Moreover, this meeting takes place every year.

It’s an event focused on Japanese culture. It is entirely dedicated to the world of manga, Japanese fashion, video games, music and martial arts. On top of that, you will be able to discover the traditions of the country of the rising sun. This includes traditional dress, manners and customs..

The event receives various guests such as Youtubers, young artists and cartoonists. In a private space, Japanese and Western car mechanics professionals chat. This is the Business Center part of the Japan Expo.

Celebrate the 14th of July

The July 14th is the French national holiday. This date marks the commemoration of the storming of the Bastille which is a day symbolizing the French Revolution. It is the biggest event celebrated by the city of Paris.

The military parade is one of the biggest moments that punctuates the event. It has been walking the alleys of the Champs-Élysées since 1880. In addition, there are other festivals that show the French patriotism. Driving around the city, you will see the French flag waving in the wind.

Airplanes also take up the blue, white and red color of the flag through the clouds.

The music resounds until the end of the night under the sparkle of the fireworks of the Eiffel Tower. While waiting for this great moment, the spectators are gathered under the iron giant attending a free concert of classical music. The French National Orchestra, reinforced by renowned international artists, performs great classics.

Attend the arrival of the Tour de France

The name of the event literally translates the feeling of it. The Tour de France is a sporting event of running and cycling through a large part of France. The participants leave from Brussels (in Belgium) and cross the big cities as Reims, Mulhouse, Mâcon, Saint-Flour, Toulouse… The journey continues through the city of Pau, Tourmalet, Limoux, Nimes, Val Thorens, Albert Ville, Rambouillet and Paris.

In all, the participants will complete 21 routes punctuated by stops every 100 to 200 kilometers. The tradition is to arrive on the Champs Elysees avenue. Usually, the runners arrive in the afternoon.

The area where the athletes will pass through is cordoned off for safety reasons. The prefecture has also reinforced the identity control of the spectators. This is to avoid any exposure to terrorism.

A visual inspection is carried out on the luggage. Even the vehicles driving around the race area are closely monitored. You can watch the arrival of the riders in peace.

This is one of the great events you have the opportunity to participate in if you are visiting Paris in July.

Attend the finish of the Tour de France

Sunbathing at Paris Plages

The sea may not be present in Paris, but that doesn’t stop you from sunbathing by the Seine. If these places are already crowded, there are still other ways to get a nice tan this summer. For this, there are solariums that offer private and privileged places for a tanning session.

In addition to these establishments, the city’s parks also offer beautiful spaces where you can put your pareo. You have the Jardin des Plantes, the Parc Monceau, the Jardin du Luxembourg… They are all places covered with greenery and ideal for a quiet stroll among the trees.

It is important to take protective measures before tanning. Sunscreen index 50 and short time in the sun are to be preferred. This avoids burns and severe sunburns.

The application of the cream must be done every two hours so that it can give the desired effect. That is to say a protected and tanned skin.

Dive into the aquaboulevard

This is one of the favorite places to walk in Paris. This water park is the ideal place to merge with the heat of summer. You will be comfortable thanks to the water temperature of around 29°C.

For your entertainment, there are giant slides, wave pools, waterfalls and whirlpools.

Boredom is an unknown word at Aquaboulevard. Whether you are with friends or family, the rivers against the current are waiting for you. To bring the beach near you, you have 4 000 m2 of fine sand with straw huts.

Young and old each have their own space so that everyone can enjoy the moment at their own pace. Moreover, the 11 slides of the park have different levels of difficulty depending on the age and tenacity of the visitors.

If the vacations are not yet upon us, Aquaboulevard is the perfect place to get a taste of the seaside atmosphere. All in a spirit of relaxation and total fun.

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