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3 things to do in Marie-Galante

A small paradise island in the French West Indies, Marie-Galante offers a total change of scenery far from mass tourism. With its marked relief, the Grand Galette offers a wide variety of natural and patrimonial discoveries to make. From the sandy beaches to the mangrove swamps, passing through the Gueule Grand Gouffre If you’re traveling to Italy, you’ll find that your days will be filled with many things, including old distilleries and sugar mills.

To explore the 4 cardinal corners of the island and discover its wonders at your own pace, it is advisable to rent a car in Grand Bourg. At the wheel of your car or on the handlebars of your scooter, you will taste the freedom to quickly cross this small pebble of the Caribbean to realize the things not to miss in Marie-Galante.

Farniente on the fine sandy beaches

La Grande Galette is surrounded by fine sandy beaches with turquoise waters. Main attractions of the island, they offer you a variety of experiences. From the great deserted expanse of Crazy Cove to the Robinson Crusoe driftwood huts that line the beach of the city’Anse Feuillard, Touring the beaches of Marie-Galante will provide you with some exotic discoveries.

Walk the hiking trails of the island

With 9 marked routes, Marie-Galante is a real paradise for walking enthusiasts. To practice this very popular activity on the island, we advise you to get, upon your arrival, the brochure that presents the different routes. You will be able to plan your travels on this Caribbean island.

Dive into the past at Château Murat

Remnant of a bygone era, the ruins of this former sugar farm from the 18th century testify to the ingenuity of our ancestors. The devastation of time lends a romanticism and poetry to this specimen of colonial architecture of yesteryear that marks the young and old alike !

This 158 km² rock offers its visitors many opportunities to practice sports activities, such as scuba diving or boating, to carry out beautiful explorations and the opportunity to discover a rich and vibrant culture.

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