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How to recover deleted photos on Android

Now everything is possible with the computer and nothing is impossible. When you suddenly lose your memory photos in your mobile device, then don’t panic, because there is an application that takes back your photos once the application is installed. This application is very practical, but you need to follow carefully the instructions of its operations so that you recover your photos in time. This application exists in how many versions ?

How to recover your lost photos on Android ?

There are different ways to recycle your lost photos on Android. Find your photos or files removed on your mobile device, it’s the best way to do it’is quite possible and it is even very simple. Several tricks are quite possible.

First, some mobile devices need a computer to retrieve it that others do not have its needs. On the internet, he recommends two simple uses. They suggest you to use the application like DiskDigger Photo recovery and Dumpster.

These two applications allow you to perform the use immediately on your smartphone.

Secondly, sometimes some phone devices suddenly need to burp to work functionally or not. Just download this application on Google Play for free to recover your photos by mistake.

But, it should be noted that there is also a latest pro version that is juicy for taking over other databases. It will cost less than four euros on Play Store in two versions. For example, paid or free.

recover deleted photos on Android

Is there any other way to take them back ?

If the previous answer will not work or your smartphone is not rooting. Then you will have to do the second option.

To start, when your device is not rooted, so you can perform a limited analysis of your lost photos by searching them in the cache.

Otherwise, when your phone is rooted, then it searches all the memory of your smartphone for your photos and will find any evidence of photos, but overwritten videos.

Subsequently, there is also another answer such as the application that is put from the recycle garbage can, as other brands of phones offer a recycle garbage can in the empty Gallery. All its lost photos are stored in a temporary folder that works like a recycle garbage can.

You can recover your photos within a limited period of time before they disappear regularly. This step is called Dumpster.

When it works and monitors you important media files with the intention of recovering you from the drama by chance.

Finally, the processing program bypasses the background and uses the image garbage can of the computer.

It should be monitored beforehand and the Dumpster must be established before leaving it inactive, because it can not resume a file disappears before its establishment.

How to functionally set up the recovery application ?

There are several rules to follow when setting up this mobile application that you will have to follow one by one.

First of all, you have to approve the user license agreement and then you set the files to be kept by clicking on or off. The initial default appearance should be in line with most jobs. Then you confirm.

Then, once the analysis of your files is completed then you go to the home screen of Dumpster. If the setting is clearable then you see the symbol just above right, so you can select it by date, size, type and name.

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