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Parisian pastry shops not to be missed

France is famous all over the world for its cuisine. This is easily understood, as it has chefs who produce quality pastries.

Sugar Loaf

We owe this superb Parisian pastry shop to two great culinary geniuses, pastry chefs Didier Mathray and Nathalie Robert. In fact, since 2004 when the establishment was born, they have had only one ambition: to improve their pastries.

Since then, these two chefs who had worked in great restaurants in the capital have been entertaining the taste buds of Parisians. It must be said that it is impossible to get bored at Pain de sucre. This is for the simple reason that the two chefs do their best to offer customers new delicacies.

For a visit to Paris, you could visit this pastry shop to taste their sublime lemon pie, the Caracas or the Baobab. These last three are the pastry shops you should go to first.

In fact, they are the showcase of the Sugar Loaf. However, the one preferred by the two creators of the restaurant remains Le Rosemary. This is a dessert that is made with almond milk with orange blossom, raspberry and rosemary infusion.

When tasting the Rosemary, one feels an acidity which is due to the pulp of rhubarb which is used in the preparation of the pastry.

Cyril Lignac

Here is a pastry that has managed to make a place for itself in the already varied range of Parisian stores who propose entremets. Indeed, it took these two chefs only eight years to conquer the mouths of many Parisians with their pastries.

This resounding success is mainly due to Cyril Lignac who had the brilliant idea to collaborate with Benoît Couvrand. The latter had previously written the most beautiful pages of the Fauchon restaurant.

It is therefore a duo of experts who have come together to offer quality pastries to Parisians. In fact, the most demanding gourmets leave satisfied with the Cyril Lignac brand.

The main purpose of the store is to offer simple pastries with ordinary flavors like vanilla, chocolate or caramel. However, one must admit that the final taste is really exquisite.

It is true that you will not find the best macaroons in Paris at Cyril Lignac, but it is possible to taste the Equinox. This pastry is the restaurant’s flagship pastry. If you visit Paris, don’t forget to taste the famous baba au rhum or the different tarts from Cyril Lignac.


You will find on the side of Ladurée, surely the best vanilla custard of the French capital. Indeed, the famous pastry shop which has had some setbacks in recent years, is in the process of regaining its credibility.

This is due to the arrival of the experienced pastry chef Claire Heitzler. The latter, who came to Ladurée since 2015, left the ship three years later, but leaving his assistant in charge.

Since then, Pierre Hermé has made his customers rediscover the classics of French pastry. Thus, it is possible to taste the tarte tatin, the religieuse, the flan, the saint honoré, the lemon tart.

It must be said that these pastries are regularly improved to keep customers on their toes. The chocolate éclair, the Ispahan and the Plaisir sucré are the most popular pastries at Ladurée.

La Pâtisserie des Rêves

La Pâtisserie des Rêves is a brand that was born thanks to the genius of two great chefs: Thierry Teyssier and Phillipe Conticini. Even though he has left the pastry shop since 2016, the store never stops producing delicious entremets.

Indeed, the main goal of this brand was to give back to the French and more precisely to the Parisians, the desire to rediscover the Hexagonal pastries. It is with this in mind that for the past 8 years, La Pâtisserie des Rêves has been entertaining the mouths of Parisians with classics.

In fact, you can eat in this pastry shop seasonal tarts that are constantly renewed. There is also the Saint Honoré, the Paris-Brest or the famous Mille-feuille.

Pierre Hermé

It is surely the French pastry chef the most famous in the world. This can be explained by the fact that Pierre Hermé was awarded the prize for the best pastry chef in the world in 2016. However, this distinction can also be understood by the fact that its pastry stores produce the best macaroons in Paris.

Indeed, in Pierre Hermé’s stores, it is possible to find an impressive number of cakes, pastries and other delicacies. However, it is the macaroons that make the reputation of Pierre Hermé.

It must be said that many tourists during their visit to Paris make a tour of its stores to taste the best macaroons of Paris. However, Pierre Hermé is also a PH branded pastry shop that is known all over the world for its succulent taste.

The man who is still called the inventor of the “haute couture” pastry has to his credit since 2001 many creations. Nevertheless, these most appreciated works are: Infinitely Vanilla Tart, Ispahan and 2000 sheets. These pastries remain classics that you must try if you visit Paris.

Visiting Paris for the first time is an opportunity to discover the best of Paris French pastries. The best way not to be disappointed, would be to orient yourself towards these 5 pastry shops that have a worldwide reputation.

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