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Discovering the Balearic Islands !

With its magical coastline and beautiful turquoise waters, the Mediterranean is home to a large number of’islands as pretty as each other ! Among this maze of jewels, is the Balearic archipelago. As a reminder, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the world. Indeed, if there really is paradise on earth, it must not be far from the Balearic Islands.

Beaches of fine sands, historical sites, different activities, communion with the nature, this is what will be your menu visiting this archipelago.

Discover the Balearic Islands’paradise islands

The Balearic archipelago consists of four large islands which are Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Formentera. Without further ado, let’s go and discover them..

The most beautiful islands to discover in the Balearic Islands

Here are the must-see paradise islands in the Balearic Islands

  • Majorca

Majorca is the largest Balearic Islands. It has a generous nature that you can discover in the “Serra Tramuntana. It is a mountainous area where tourists can hike and enjoy breathtaking landscapes!

Its many attractions have allowed it to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. Impossible to visit Majorca without seeing its capital Palma. It houses a magnificent Gothic cathedral and the royal residence Almudaina.

Let us note that to visit Majorca, it is also to visit the natural park of Mondrago.

  • Minorca

Menorca is one of the most attractive islands of the archipelago. There are fantastic beaches with clear waters and magical coves. In Menorca you can also discover a charming port city with a unique architecture called Ciutadella.

  • Ibiza

The third island of theBalearic archipelago is Ibiza. In clearer terms, it is the island of all excesses, known worldwide for the show that is lived there. If you like the nightlife, Ibiza is what you need in the Balearic Islands.

But there is not only nightclubs and DJs to see in Ibiza.

  • Formentera

The last island of the archipelago is Formentera. It is seen by many people as having lunar landscapes and especially white sandy beaches with clear bottoms. It is the smallest of the islands and is completely located in the south of the archipelago.

Note that the Balearic Islands also include Cabrera, a little inhabited island and incredibly preserved.

The best periods to discover these islands

It is preferable to visit the Balearic Islands The islands are located at strategic times in order to fully enjoy the beauty and all the attractions of the place. Thus, it is already necessary to avoid the full or high seasons which often run between July and August.

From April to June, tourists will be able to enjoy flowery landscapes with a nature even more exuberant than usual. It is also possible to visit the Balearic Islands between mid-September and October, because the beaches are sunny and the weather is beautiful. During these periods, you will enjoy walking, lounging, swimming and discovering the wonders of the Mediterranean archipelago of Balearic Islands !

To sum up, in order to enjoy your stay in the Balearic Islands, you should not only choose among the four islands mentioned above, but also and above all, find the right time to go there.

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